2018. április 19., csütörtök, 19:03

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Dear geocacher!

You are invited to an exceptional geocaching weekend in Budapest to
celebrate the 10 and ¼ anniversary of Hungarian Geocaching.

Why should you visit us?

Besides Budapest being a popular destination for tourists for its sights, wellness and culinary activities, more and more people visit us for Geocaching as well.
You can find countless versions of this game in our capital, multi-series, powertrails, special and interesting hides enriching visitors with new experiences.
This event will also be a special one; on the day of the event we are going to publish at least 400 (!) new geocaches in Budapest simultaneously.
As far as we know, this is the first event ever in Europe with 400 FTFs. If you want to boost your FTF numbers, this is the event to come to.
If that's still not enough, you can expect more high-quality and interesting programs for the weekend.


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Registration fee: 2700HUF (10EUR) / ID


video: magpet